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This is the post organizing the various relationships Erza has with people who are in the same games as her.  If you feel that Erza's opinion of your character deserves mention, post a comment and I'll see what I can do!

Updated 1/28/2012

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[Erza's been back in Luceti for a few days, but she's still adjusting to the situation that the Malnosso had left her in. Somehow, they had deactivated her magical artificial eye, leaving her unable to see anything to the right of her without turning.]

[Still, she's back just in time for the annual Valentine's experiment - the one time that she feels that she can talk about romance without being all awkward about it. If anything goes wrong somehow, she can just blame it on the experiment and move on, so that helps.]

I have a very important question - how do you tell someone that you're in love with them? I must know! [For dramatic effect, she gestures with her arm... and knocks a framed picture off of the table. Stupid lack of vision. Still, she tries to press onwards.] It's not urgent - the person isn't here at the moment - but it's still something that I think I should know how to do. [In all likelihood, she's probably just over-complicating the concept - it wouldn't be the first time.]
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[To put it bluntly, the holiday season in Luceti rarely helps Erza's mood. It doesn't take her long to shop for presents, so a lot of her time outside of her standard routine is spent in her apartment. She can hardly believe it's almost been three years since she arrived in Luceti, and even if she had forgotten that some of her friends from the Fairy Tail guild had been taken home in the past two years around Christmas (which she hadn't), the pictures scattered around the room (which generally inspired her) served as a reminder of that fact. For the moment, the pictures aren't helping her mood - the feeling will pass, but for now, she turns to the journal.]

Is anyone up for sparring? I usually feel like my skills get rusty around this time of year, and I find that training with actual people works better than simulations. Or if someone needs help with putting up decorations, getting a tree to their house, or something like that, I'd be willing to offer my assistance. [She might as well offer - she doesn't do smaller-scale missions all that often, but even though the fate of the world doesn't hinge upon their completion (not that it stops her from treating the situation as though that's the case), it still feels good to help people however she can.]
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[When Erza wakes up on the first day of the experiment, she finds that her room is mostly chrome, and the area outside her window seems barren and lifeless. Not only that, but her outfits have all been replaced with body-hugging suits in a variety of colours. Resigning herself to the fact that she'll have to wear this, she heads outside, only to find that a bubble has formed around her head. Opening her journal, she turns to the community at large.]


Why is this stuck on my head? [She points to the bubble - the video's background makes it rather clear which section she's in.] It doesn't seem to serve any purpose - in fact, it seems rather fragile. [Maybe someone who's more informed about space travel could explain this - her own culture is vaguely medieval in nature.]


[Erza certainly feels more comfortable in the gangland and shogunate areas - it helps that she already has outfits which match the ones that she wears there.  She'll wind up with a few scavenger hunt items over the course of the experiment - some samurai swords from winning challenges, a few tommy guns from beating up mobsters - but her focus isn't on the scavenger hunt, so she can be convinced to give them to someone who still needs them.  Otherwise, she can generally be found in any of the three aforementioned areas, visiting the shops, training in the barracks, or walking around the village to see more of these strange places.]
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[After a conversation with Cloche, Erza's decided to take some initiative with the drama group and try to find some material for them to work with. Cloche had suggested adapting legends from other worlds, which sounded like it would be entertaining, so she's turned to the journals for suggestions.]

Just a quick question - does anyone have a legend from their world that they'd like to see performed on-stage? I am a member of Luceti's drama club [it feels good just to say that - Erza's always been enthusiastic about acting, even if her stage-fright tends to result in rather disastrous performances], and we're planning to put on a play at some point. I simply figured that we should see what sort of plays people would want to see. [At any rate, it would certainly help to lighten the mood - most of the messages over the journal as of late have been announcements of people being sent home.] Feel free to suggest any legends or stories that you would wish to see - we'll be sure to take them into account.
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[When Erza wakes up in the morning, she finds that she's much smaller than usual. This isn't a surprise to her - it wouldn't be the first time that she was de-aged, and similar things had been happening to other people all week. Up to this point, she had only been affected in smaller ways - being teleported around the enclosure for a few days, but then, nothing. At least, nothing until now.

Sighing, she decides that, since she's up so early anyways, she might as well get changed and go for a jog. As is her routine, she exquips into an outfit that she got when she was brought down to being twelve years old. ...Except it doesn't quite work out. For some reason, she can't use her magic.]

What's going on here? [...Wait, that didn't sound like her. Erza dashes over to a mirror, and sees Wendy looking back at her. For a few moments, she's speechless. However, once she gathers her bearings, she decides to go and check on Wendy. Whether Wendy's normal or not, this will inevitably be confusing, but this situation should probably (in her mind, at least) be dealt with now.]

Wendy, are you awake?


[A very stern-looking young girl is on the journals this morning. The contrast between this expression and Wendy's normal behaviour is rather striking, but Erza doesn't exactly give anyone who knows Wendy much time to register this change - rather, she skips straight to the point.]

So who else is in this sort of state? Having their bodies switched with their friends, I mean.

...Also, what other effects has this experiment had on people?  In a case like this, we should probably be prepared for anything.

[Throughout the rest of the week, Erza will be trying to go through her usual routine. Given the amount of danger that tends to involve, (between training, exploring, and eating unhealthily massive amounts of desserts) Wendy will probably be sticking around to curb that sort of behaviour, just in case it sticks when things go back to normal.]

((OoC: Replies from Erza will come from [personal profile] scarlet_healer, while replies from Wendy will come from [personal profile] sky_knight.))
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[April 2nd - action]

[The first person to wake up in the morning in Adell and Luka's apartment might be in for a shock - Erza's in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge. She's not too concerned, of course - she drops in unannounced all the time. Totally normal behaviour. :\]

Is it just me, or are we missing a day? ...Also, you're out of jam.

[Later on, once she feels like things have been sorted out, Erza opens up her journal. It's been a while since she asked about this, but the weather seems right for it and she could use some exercise after being cooped up.]


Is there anyone who wants to spar? I prefer to use swords, though I could use practice with hand-to-hand fighting.

[Throughout the rest of the week, Erza can be found around town, buying clothes, patrolling for any wrongdoing, or drinking at Seventh Heaven. Luka may or may not be with her on these occasions - Erza's trying to get her out more, but she doesn't always succeed.]

((OoC: Sorry if this seems kind of hodgepodge - I wanted to post this earlier in the week, but essays and assignments ate up most of my free time. Feel free to specify the date, and whether you want to talk to Erza, Luka, or both in the subject line. Oh, and the AU is that Luka is a member of the Fairy Tail guild; see here for further details))
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 [This is something that's been on her mind for a while, but she hadn't wanted to express it.  Still, she figures that she should probably bite the bullet and ask - what harm could it do?]

How do you deal with someone who has amnesia?  ...Not here - at home.  A friend of mine doesn't remember anything about his life, whether it's good or bad.  Whether I meet him here or back home, I don't know whether I should tell him about his life, or let him start fresh.  Having a fresh start would be better for his conscience, but... some of his actions were particularly cruel, and if he doesn't know about them, he'll be targeted for acts that he doesn't know he did.
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[In spite of the sheer number of new wingless people in Luceti, Erza is still trying to go about her daily routine.  The keyword being trying: with so many people here, it's difficult to get around town.  Regardless, she'll try to keep an eye out for any familiar faces as she heads to the bakery and the barracks.  With all of these new arrivals, there's a chance that her guild members - her nakama - are among them, and she wants to make sure they're safe.  She's also hoping to find Jellal somewhere in the crowd, even if she'd never admit that out loud.

...and if someone has taken the last piece of strawberry cake before she gets there, there will be hell to pay.]

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[It's official: Erza hates Christmas.  Not a Grinch-like level of hatred, mind you, but in Luceti, it seems to be a terrible time of year for her.  Gray had been brought home a few weeks ago, which did little to help her mood, so she had decided to spend more time with Natsu.  Those two had been so far ahead of her, and she wanted to find out what she had missed.  Now, it seems that Natsu's gone as well.  She had tried sending him a filtered message to him through the journal, but the filter broke, confirming her fears.  It did not help matters that Natsu had been sent home at the same time last year.]

For those of you who knew Natsu...  I can't do this.  Not again.  [She slams the journal shut, but it should be easy to guess how she was going to finish that sentence.]

[A few minutes later, she opens it up again, having taken time to compose herself.]  How are we supposed to feel when our friends get sent home?  It's good that they've made it out of here, but... it's hard not to miss them when they're gone.

[For the rest of the day, she'll be at the Battle Dome in the afternoon, smashing anything she can have conjured up while in a berserk rage, and at Seventh Heaven in the evening, drowning her sorrows.  She'll probably be quite noisy by that point, but ask her to quiet down at your own peril.]
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[Erza's horoscope reads:
-Your father is not an astronaut.  
-A stranger may mean you harm this week so greet everyone with a blood-curdling shriek.
-While you were away from home, a stranger showered in your bathroom.
-Buy a cat and name it Chris. It will get you out of a jam.

Naturally, she doesn't believe a word of it.]

This is absolutely ridiculous.  And what's an astronaut?  

[The only one which sounds remotely plausible would be the third one, so after finding out what an astronaut is, she heads back to her apartment.  Will she find anyone there?  Who knows!]

((OoC: I haven't really planned anything for this event, so anything goes!))
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[For most of the past week, Erza has been wandering around town as usual, with no particular destination in mind.  She believes that she's some sort of dragon, and is stuck wearing an odd suit of armour that vaguely looks like one, (like the image, but with large wings on the back) but beyond her attitude and her mistaken belief that she can breathe fire, not much has changed.

Now, however, she's convinced that she needs a hoard of treasure, as that is something that dragons tend to have.  So, once she's climbed through a window or broken through a door, she'll be combing the buildings of Luceti, searching for anything shiny and bringing it to the roof of Community House 3.  It could be a precious heirloom, or it could be a piece of tinfoil - she's not particularly picky.  She's not particularly stealthy, either, seeing as she's wearing a bulky suit of armour, so it shouldn't be hard to catch her in the act.  Anyone who follows her to her "lair" will find that she's already got a decent pile started - her own weapons and armour.]

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[At some point during the night, Erza had been brought back to her normal age, still remembering everything that happened while she was younger.  Thankfully, the only long-term change was that her younger self had adopted a cat, which she decided to keep.  She had chose to name him Rob, after someone who was a father figure to her when she was young.

Waiting until a much more reasonable hour, she addresses the general public.]

I apologize for how I acted in the past week or so - I didn't think that I was so... excitable at that age.

Anyways, what do you generally do during the summer?  Fishing... hasn't worked out too well for me, and I'm running out of books to read.

[Before shutting her journal, she makes one last statement.]

Oh, and Squalo?  Don't think I've forgotten about that "old lady" comment.
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 [Anyone going to Seventh Heaven for lunch today will get a nasty surprise.  Around noon, one of the tables is going to get uppercutted into the roof, as the young girl who just appeared beneath it growls with frustration.  She's stuck in the standard New Feather clothes, but she doesn't seem to notice or care.]

All right, Mira, where'd you go?  Don't tell me that you've chickened out already - we've still got a score to settle!

[Erza Scarlet is back from her mally-napping, but she's about six years younger, and a lot more hot-blooded than normal.  She'll be running around the restaurant, knocking things over and generally causing a ruckus as she searches for her arch-rival (at least, until somebody explains to her what's going on).]

((OoC: replies will come from [info]stupidmira  for icon purposes.  And my apologies; I didn't realize that Seventh Heaven was still closed when I initially wrote this))
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[Early in the morning, around the time that the sun starts to rise, Erza can be seen heading for the beach with a cart trailing behind her.  On the cart is a large quantity of meat, along with a good-sized number of dead insects.  She's carrying a ridiculously large fishing rod over her shoulder, much larger than what would be necessary to catch a regular fish.  The line is closer to a steel cable in thickness than a normal fishing line - she's greatly overestimating both the size and ferocity of Luceti's fish.  Thankfully, she brought a smaller back-up fishing rod just in case.  Also, a harpoon.  She likes to be prepared for anything.

Once she makes it to the beach, she'll spend most of the daylight hours there, getting increasingly frustrated and much easier to bother as a result.  Fishing is frustrating normally, and when one expects a much larger catch than what one gets, it's even worse.]

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[Erza's currently at the Battle Dome, fighting a gargantuan dragon in a rocky environment.  It's going quite horribly for her, but she's still trying and failing to land any significant blows.  Thankfully for her, she has no idea how to remove the safeties, or she would have done so and would have actually been hurt by doing this.  However, "surrender" isn't in her vocabulary, so she keeps trying until the time runs out.]

So that's Igneel, huh?  He's stronger than I expected...

[Once she's done, she heads up to the viewing area, browsing through her journal a bit before speaking.]

Does anybody have any suggestions for creatures or people to fight?  Or if you want to spar, that's okay as well; I just need to get some kind of training in.
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[Upon waking up in the morning, Erza goes about her usual routine, getting an early breakfast.  Afterwards, she heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth, but drops her glass in shock when she sees what's in the mirror.]

[Not even bothering to pick up the shards of glass that now litter the floor, she runs over to the journal and throws it open.  The only thing she can think of is that this is some kind of body-swapping event, which means...]

Gerard?  Are you out there?  It's Erza!

...Do you still know who I am?

[Afterwards, she is heading out to find some clothing that will actually fit her new body; the good thing about ex-quipping is that she can avoid any sort of awkward situations that could arise from this.  At the moment, she's wearing the most gender-neutral outfit she has, a fairly baggy construction uniform, but that won't be enough to last however long this will go on for.  Others can find "her" either in the clothing store or just walking around town.]

((OoC: tags will be made from [ profile] bluhairedknight ; I couldn't pass up a TF2 reference))
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[Erza has been trying to find a hobby other than beating people up, and with the sheer amount of literature here from so many cultures, she's decided to take up reading in her spare time. However, after reading through a bunch of really cheesy romance novels and a few Shakespeare plays, she can't come up with any other books to read.]

Does anybody have any books that they would recommend?
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[Erza walks into the apartment, carrying a wrapped present intended for her roommate.  Inside is a stuffed blue cat (it took her a while to find a blue one in the item store), with wings from another stuffed animal stitched onto it.  It has an uncanny resemblance to Natsu's best friend, Happy, and Erza had hoped that he would like it.  However, she arrived to an empty apartment, and all of Natsu's stuff was missing.  Dropping the present in shock, she drops to her knees.  She had heard about this before, but actually experiencing it...]  No... No, no, no!  [She punches the wall, angry at the Malnosso and frustrated that she hadn't been able to do anything.]  Damn it!

[After taking several minutes to compose herself, she opens the journal for a quick message.]  For those who knew Natsu Dragneel, he's been sent home.  [After saying this, she'll be found in the Battledome, taking out her frustration on anything that she can have the building conjure up.  Once her hour is up, she futilely attempts to get back in the room before heading to the Seventh Heaven for a drink.]

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[Erza had noticed that there were a lot more people than normal, but figured that it was redundant to comment on it.  Instead, she figured that she might as well try to get some organization into this chaos.]

Any members of Fairy Tail, come to the fountain in the middle of the plaza.  Failure to do so will result in the usual consequences.

[After making that general announcement through the journals, she will be sitting at the fountain, a pile of coats beside her.  She has way more than she needs, and if her nakama are in the usual New Feather outfits, they'll definitely need them (aside from Happy, Charle, and Gray - she's from right before Edoras, so she doesn't know about Pantherlily or anything else that came up after Oracion Seis).]


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